Frequenty Asked Questions

A license is required to operate a drone for commercial purposes.  There are Federal Aviation Administration laws that all drone operators must follow. 

An unlicensed drone operator may operate a drone for recreational purposes only and may result in a fine from the FAA if operations are for considered to be for commercial purposes.  

All of our pilots and drones are FAA licensed and received regular training as drone laws continue to evolve.  Using a licensed drone photographer will ensure all laws are being followed and the safety standards of operating a drone are upheld.

Visual Approach Imaging is located in St. Charles, Illinois.  For drone services further than 1 hour driving time, an additional mileage fee may apply.
We do our best to look at the weather forecast tools that we have available as your scheduled date approaches.   It is really important that we have good weather and more importantly good lighting in order to capture the best images possible.  Time of day matters and may determine what time of day to schedule you for.  If it appears that the weather will not be conducive to obtaining drone images on the day you book, we will reschedule.  If it is for an event that is only on that day, you will be issued a refund of your deposit.
The best way to prepare is to have everything set up how you would like at the scheduled time.  That will allow us to get in and out so you can get back to your day.
It all depends on the size of your project.
>If you order still photos, a typical shoot will usually last around 30 minutes.
>If you are adding video, we may be there for up to an hour.
>Virtual 360 tours/Floorplans may take up to an hour to capture all of the images required.

When you book your service, will can give you an estimate on your particular order.

Post-editing of photos includes processing through Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to bring out colors, enhance the color of the sky, minimize shadows, and fix minor blemishes.  Please let us know what sort of medium your images will be used for so we can format appropriately.
Still photos – 48 hours
Video – 7 days
Virtual Tours – 48 hours
If you need expedited service, please let us know at the time of booking. (*Additional fee may apply)
You have the option of receiving images via Email or Dropbox.

If you would like us to include your assistant in any emails to reduce the number of emails your have to forward, just let us know and we will include them on the cc.

For real estate agents:

All the photos and videos we take for your listings are stored in our “photo hub.”  Simply log in to access your dashboard where you can easily download all your media with the click of a button!

Visual Approach Imaging remains the sole owner of all photographs produced.

The Client is granted a usage license and is permitted to reproduce, publicly display, and distribute the photographs for the purpose of promoting the subject being photographed. For real estate agents: Photographs provided may be shared to third parties on the Client’s “team” for purposes related to the promotion of the Property, but cannot be shared to further members of Client’s brokerage. Share our information with colleagues, and we can capture custom photos for them while thanking you with a $25 credit towards a future photography service. 

Visual Approach Imaging is permitted to use any photographs, videos, or virtual tours taken, with the sole purpose of promoting its own business. Visual Approach Imaging will not give or sell the photos/video to other parties or distribute them through stock photography channels.

The short answer, yes!  As licensed drone pilots, we are allowed to fly legally in controlled airspace, we just need to ask permission first.  Sometimes the height we can go up to is limited, so we may not be able to go as high.   If the location you desire drone imagery of is within a mile or so of an airport, it may be in a no-fly zone.  We can request permission from the FAA to conduct drone operations, however sometimes it may take up to two weeks to get approved.  Just give us a heads up, and we will apply for the authorization as soon as possible to accommodate your request.
Feel free to reach out to us by Requesting a Drone or calling us at 630-909-9560.